So it’s been a number of months since our last update, sorry. I blame a combination of a good ski season, laziness, employment (ugh). Today though, let’s get caught up on the second section of our interior cabinet doohicky.

After much debate over prioritizing gaining more storage and organization space vs ease of use of the compost toilet, we decided on the former. The toilet is used semi-infrequently, at least while we’re still city bound, since we utilize public restrooms whenever possible. So if we have to do a little more work to use it… so be it.

With that decision made, we’re putting some shelves over the toilet! And we’ll have to figure out a new solution to using the toilet.


We cut out another vertical wall, mounted it behind the driver’s seat, and added two shelves. Pretty simple and straight forward, really. Yes, it’s all assembled with just L-brackets, and after 6 months, both cabinet parts are still solid.


The compost toilet is secured with two L-brackets mounted to the subfloor. A thumb screw in each bracket screws into the base of the toilet. These are easily undone, and the toilet can just be dragged forward of the cabinet and used. Then pushed back under the shelf and screwed back in. It’s a good thing we left the exhaust hose longer that necessary when we first installed it. But it is only just barely long enough. We lucked out!

To reduce just one more step for toilet use, one of the L-brackets was removed. Now, when nature calls and it just won’t wait long, the toilet is useable in about 30 seconds.