There is currently still no real complete plan of how our van, Blanche, will be outfitted.  Only a few ideas floating around.  In the meantime, there are at least a few required items that are needed regardless of anything else.  We’ve made slow progress on some of them lately.

First addition: Side Window Deflectors and Window Tinting

Window tint and deflectors added

I know, you can’t really see the tinting or the deflectors in this bad picture.  But they’re there.  The Weathertech deflectors just slide into the window frame seal.  No glue, no fasteners.  The installation couldn’t be any easier or cleaner.  The window tint was professionally installed since I didn’t want to deal with air bubbles, etc.  We got the darkest limo tint on the rear door windows and a band across the top of the windshield, one step down in darkness was used for the two front door windows for better visibility while driving at night.

Second addition: MaxxAir MaxxFan.

We installed the fan ourselves.  It was just a little bit nerve wracking to cut a huge hole in the roof of a brand new van, but everything turned out well.  First, we measured and marked an outline of where the hole would be cut on the inside of the van.  Next, we drilled 4 corner holes, then transferred the outline to the outside of the van.  This seemed to be a much easier way to center the fan in the roof and avoid crossbeams.

The trusty old jigsaw with a metal cutting blade worked really well.  Better than expected, really.  After cutting the hole, we filed the edges to make them a tad less sharp, dropped the flange in (with butyl tape under it), screwed it down, and used 3″ Eternabond tape instead of lap sealant to finish it off.  The fan mounted to the flange with 4 screws… and that’s it!  At least as for now.  We’re going to hold off on hooking up the wires and installing the interior trim piece until we have the insulation and electrical system all figured out.