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Insulating The Van Part 10 – Cargo Area Hulliner

We are finally to the last layer of insulation for the walls and ceiling!  While we lived with pink walls for a number of months before having the time to finish up the insulation, the reflectix was only exposed for a week or so.  Freezer status was quite temporary.  That’s right, this post is all about hulliner.

We ordered 10 yards of hulliner to cover the inside of our van.  In theory, we should have had plenty of extra.  In practice, it was just right, leaving us a number of small scraps, but not enough to fix any big problems.


We started with the largest piece, the driver side wall.

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Insulating The Van Part 9 – Cargo Area Reflectix

We have officially moved to freezer status.  At least, that’s how it looks from the inside.  Today, we finally get around to lining the walls and ceiling with reflectix.  This was put off for so long because we’ve been living in the van and to get all this done, we have to completely empty it, including taking the sofa bed out.

We chose to start from the bottom and work our way up, so we got some funky pieces from working around the wheel wells and struts.  We used the same 3M High Strength 90 glue we used on the pink insulation, holding the reflectix up and trimming as we go, then spraying the glue on both surfaces and sticking them together.  Lastly, foil tape on the seams.


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Insulating The Van Part 8 – Front Cab Floor

We finished up the front ceiling area, so lets move on to the front floor.  It’s fairly straight forward, just a bit of work.  So, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

First up, remove the front seats.


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Insulating The Van Part 7 – Front Cab Ceiling

Okay, it’s finally time we stop neglecting the front cab area and insulate it.  This time, we tackle the ceiling, which will get sound deadener and reflectix.  Unfortunately, there is not enough space between the metal van skin and the headliner for any pink foam board insulation.


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Insulating The Van Part 6 – Front Doors

In this installment, we dissect the front doors!  Both the passenger and the driver side doors will receive Roadkill sound deadener, some reflectix, and replacement speakers.  It would be nice to have more than just reflectix as insulation, but that’s just not too feasible because of all the moving parts with the windows.


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Insulating The Van Part 5 – Van Ribs

Wow, I didn’t realize quite how far behind I’ve gotten with updates on the van progress.  We’ve been getting a lot done, but at the expense of blog updates.  There are still a number of insulation-centric posts to come, and here comes one of them: Insulating the ribs on the walls and ceiling.

Ribs done

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Van Furnishings – Sofa Bed

That’s right!  We’re movin’ on up.  Up off the floor of the van and onto a comfortable sofa bed!  It’s taken two and a half months from time of order to time of delivery, but we finally got it.

There were a number of things we had to consider before we purchased this sofa bed.  Being one of the largest items in the van, it also plays a significant role in determining how everything else will be laid out.  And while we don’t have a set-in-stone floor plan, we do know we have to make room for some other big items, like a fridge, batteries, and a sink.  Even though it is large, we wanted it to be as small as possible.  This meant sleeping East/West instead of North/South since we wanted to minimize the number of foldout sections.  Luckily, the Chevy Express is about 6 feet wide, and we’re both shorter than 6 feet.  It is a little tight, but we’re both quite comfortable being slightly curled up side-sleepers.  We’re also very used to sleeping on 20″ wide backpacking sleeping pads, so it didn’t have to be very wide.

Sofa bed up, front

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Insulating The Van Part 4 – Cargo Area Floor

Continuing with the insulation of our van, which apparently has turned into a multi-part series, we are finishing the floor.  You may recall from a previous post the details of how we were insulating the floor, and may also recall that we only installed two of the three sections of foam/plywood.  The main reason we didn’t complete the floor all at once is because we ran out of foam.  The foam we’re using only comes in 9 foot by 4 foot sections.  It’s really a pain since we only needed a 2 foot by 5 foot piece.  Maybe we’ll find something to do with the extra foam later, but for now, it seems like a big waste.  Anyway, it’s now finished.

Floor not finished

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Van Furnishings – Nature’s Head Composting Toilet Install

The first piece of permanent furnishings to be installed is a toilet.  It’s probably a little strange to start with the toilet, but since the build-out of Blanche is a fairly slow process and we wanted to move in ASAP, we had to choose which parts were most important for us to be comfortable, and the toilet was one of them.  We chose to go with a composting toilet because, well, there’s really no reason NOT to go with a composting toilet.  There are a few options for compost toilets, including just using a bucket, but we decided to go with a more “traditional looking” manufactured unit, the Nature’s Head.

Composting Toilet installed

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Revisiting the MaxxFan

A couple months ago, one of the first things Blanche received was the MaxxAir MaxxFan.  We installed it using Eternabond tape to seal the exterior instead of caulking or lap sealant.  After some research (okay, only like 10 minutes) and consulting the great and powerful interwebs, it seemed that this Eternabond tape is worth the extra money since it was supposed to never leak and never need maintenance.  Sadly, it doesn’t come in short lengths, so we had to buy a 50 foot roll for about $50, even though we only used about 6 feet of it.  Still, if we never had to worry about leaks, it was worth it.

Flange and Eternabond

Flange and Eternabond

Admittedly, the tape on the roof doesn’t look so great, but there were no leaks and all was well…

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