We have officially moved to freezer status.  At least, that’s how it looks from the inside.  Today, we finally get around to lining the walls and ceiling with reflectix.  This was put off for so long because we’ve been living in the van and to get all this done, we have to completely empty it, including taking the sofa bed out.

We chose to start from the bottom and work our way up, so we got some funky pieces from working around the wheel wells and struts.  We used the same 3M High Strength 90 glue we used on the pink insulation, holding the reflectix up and trimming as we go, then spraying the glue on both surfaces and sticking them together.  Lastly, foil tape on the seams.


Next, the gas fill bump with the exhaust hose from the composting toilet.


Then the driver side wall.


Because we anticipate potentially needing to get to the wiring and brake light assembly in the rear corners, we’re not going to glue anything to the corner framing.  Instead, it will be secured with plastic ribbed Christmas tree buttons (just like the factory headliner up front).


Driver side wall and ceiling all finished.


Passenger side all finished.


View from the rear.


Passenger side, again.