Okay, it’s finally time we stop neglecting the front cab area and insulate it.  This time, we tackle the ceiling, which will get sound deadener and reflectix.  Unfortunately, there is not enough space between the metal van skin and the headliner for any pink foam board insulation.


First we took down the headliner on the ceiling. This is harder than you’d think, especially when you’re being extra careful because you don’t want to break any of the clips so you can actually put it back later.  As it turns out, the wiring harness that powers the dome lights and has the vehicle compass does not have a plug that can be disconnected anywhere along the headliner.  The only place to unplug it is all the way down where the dash board meets the windshield meets the A-pillar.  Since it was extremely hard to get anything done with the headliner completely in the way, yet unable to be moved because the wire harness was holding it up, we had to remove the grab handle and A-pillar trim on the passenger side to unplug it.


The buttons on the handle were somehow ridiculously hard to figure out. Eventually we got it unclipped and the headliner out of the van, you just have to pry those little buttons so much so that it seems they will break off.  At that point, they just slide out and the handle falls off.  It is amazing how strong those grab handles hold on with just a small plastic clip pushed in it.


Finally we could put up some sound deadener (it’s been so long since the first of the Roadkill on the ceiling that we’d forgotten how hard it is on the arms!).  We were also being careful not to touch the side curtain airbags much, as we definitely don’t want those exploding in our face.


Then we used the headliner as the template for reflectix.  It was easier to just tape the reflectix to the headliner and re-install it as one piece instead of adhering the reflectix to the ceiling and installing the headliner later.  It didn’t seem like a good idea to put reflectix on the sides where the airbags are, just in case…  Also, we left a hole around the dome light and compass.


Next thing you know, the ceiling of the cockpit is finished! (And a couple of days are gone.)