In this installment, we dissect the front doors!  Both the passenger and the driver side doors will receive Roadkill sound deadener, some reflectix, and replacement speakers.  It would be nice to have more than just reflectix as insulation, but that’s just not too feasible because of all the moving parts with the windows.


First, we took off the door panels. We had to be particularly careful with the wiring as we lifted them off. Also, there was plastic sheeting between the panel and the metal of the door that we carefully peeled up.

Passenger Door

Next, we put sound deadener in the doors as much as we could.

Passenger Door with Roadkill

Then, we used each removed door panel as a template for us to cut reflectix, cutting it to size and around the holes.

Then we taped the top of the reflectix to the panel, just to hold it in place.

Door Panel with Reflectix

In the midst of doing this, we decided that yes, we really do want to replace the (crappy) factory speakers while the door panel is off.  We picked up a pair of JL Audio C2 650x speakers.  There is a world of difference between these with the sound deadener and the stock speakers with no deadener.

Front Door Speaker

We put the panels back on the doors, doing some trimming of the reflectix as we went to ensure that it didn’t poke through any holes or interfere with any wiring.

And we’re done! Funny, it looks exactly the same as before.

Finished Door