As previously discussed, the first “ply” of our insulation sandwich is Roadkill Sound Dampener.  I hope I never have to install this stuff again!  While it is not difficult to work with, it is tiring and time consuming…I’ll just leave it at that.


It took us the better part of 4 weeks to get just the cargo area of Blanche completely covered.  All of that time wasn’t just spent installing the dampener, though.  We’ve decided to temporarily stay with relatives to be able to work on Blanche while it is still empty.  Filling Blanche with all our stuff would just make it that much harder to get stuff done.  However, since we now have to spend a lot of time commuting to work, it’s hard to just get time to work on the van.  So far, 4.5 “bulk” boxes of Roadkill were used to provide complete coverage of the floor, walls, doors, and roof in the cargo area.  We still have 1.5 more boxes waiting to be installed in the front cab area, but this can wait; we want to move in as soon as possible to save commuting time and gas.

Installing Roadkill

Walls are mostly done, roof is done, starting on the floor.

The big flat walls seemed the easiest, so that’s where we started.  Then we did the roof, which was probably the hardest, but we wanted to finish the floor last so as to not puncture the foil lining too much while working on the other parts.  The doors were actually finished last, but it doesn’t really matter, right?

Cargo Area Almost Finished

The cargo area is almost finished! Just a few small pieces left to do.