Picked up a Curt class IV trailer hitch for the van. No, we don’t have a trailer, and aren’t currently planning on getting one (for the moment). But in my experience, having a 2 inch hitch receiver is quite handy for things like bike racks, etc. Plus, they are fairly cheap and stupid simple to install, like, done in 10 minutes in a parking lot simple, so we figured why not.


Curt class IV 600lb. tongue weight, 6000lb. towing hitch ready for installation.


No need to drill holes, our van already has them all. Just slip the bolts and washers in from the top.


Lift one side of the hitch up and hand tighten two of the nuts.


Repeat for the other side.


Then put on the third forward-most nut on each side.


Use a handy cordless impact wrench to tighten everything down.


Finally, (not shown, but already done) use a torque wrench to torque them all to spec. I can’t remember, but I think it was 110ft-lbs.


We haven’t yet had opportunity to use the hitch, but one thing is blatantly obvious; even though the hitch doesn’t hang down much, the 1/2 ton chassis this van sits on is far too low. The hitch nearly scrapes the ground from only slight slopes. I think some suspension upgrades are going to be bumped up on the to-do list!