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Van furnishings – Cabinets Part 2

So it’s been a number of months since our last update, sorry. I blame a combination of a good ski season, laziness, employment (ugh). Today though, let’s get caught up on the second section of our interior cabinet doohicky.

After much debate over prioritizing gaining more storage and organization space vs ease of use of the compost toilet, we decided on the former. The toilet is used semi-infrequently, at least while we’re still city bound, since we utilize public restrooms whenever possible. So if we have to do a little more work to use it… so be it.

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Our 1 Year Vanniversary

We sold our truck and camper and bought our van exactly 1 year ago today. We’ve done a bit of reflecting back on how that year has gone. Not everything quite went exactly as planned, but that’s the nature of (van)life.

Colorado Trail Sign

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Meet Carte Blanche, Our New Van (and Home!)


First, let’s get some background of where we are coming from, then we’ll go into what the new plan is.

There are benefits and limitations associated with any vehicle you choose as your VanDwelling home.  We have been constantly struggling with that fact.  We wanted the ultimate do-it-all platform with plenty of space and comfort, yet have good fuel economy and be easy to drive and nimble enough for tight parking and mild off-roading.  That just doesn’t exist.  We had concluded long ago that the closest we could get was a diesel 4×4 truck with a slide-in camper on it, but after living in both a pop-up and a hard-side camper for the past few years, we’ve found our wants and needs changing a bit.

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