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Van furnishings – Cabinets Part 2

So it’s been a number of months since our last update, sorry. I blame a combination of a good ski season, laziness, employment (ugh). Today though, let’s get caught up on the second section of our interior cabinet doohicky.

After much debate over prioritizing gaining more storage and organization space vs ease of use of the compost toilet, we decided on the former. The toilet is used semi-infrequently, at least while we’re still city bound, since we utilize public restrooms whenever possible. So if we have to do a little more work to use it… so be it.

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Insulating The Van Part 11 – Curtains

There was one last, minor step to insulating the van fully, and I’ve been meaning to write about this for a long time, but after a full year, the following temporary solution seems to have become permanent: curtains.

Knowing the majority of the heat would be lost (or gained) through the windows, we determined that that some insulating curtains were in order. In addition to helping keep our living space insulated, they also provide privacy and block out daylight (and street lamps at night).

Van Curtains 1

Curtains as seen from cockpit

What is there to say about curtains? Not much, so this will be a brief post.

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Van Exterior – Headlights

Headlights are an important yet often overlooked feature of a vehicle. The stock headlights on our van are decent, but not quite what we want on our van long-term. So, Nate went searching for other options, of which there are quite a few. We have a cargo van, as opposed to the passenger version, which means it comes with the cheaper of the two front grill and headlight options from the factory (yes, the cargo could have been custom ordered with either option, but we didn’t custom order the van).


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Van Exterior- Roof Cargo Boxes

We were fairly sure, nearly from the beginning, that we would want cargo boxes on our roof for the extra storage space.  While we have pared down our possessions to be quite minimal, two people and a dog plus stuff all inside the van is quite cramped.  Putting some of that stuff, especially seasonal items, up on the roof should help quite a bit.  The only other options were to get a larger van or tow a trailer, both of which are unacceptable! (How would we get easily into back-country that way?)


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