Month: August 2014

Van Furnishings – Sofa Bed

That’s right!  We’re movin’ on up.  Up off the floor of the van and onto a comfortable sofa bed!  It’s taken two and a half months from time of order to time of delivery, but we finally got it.

There were a number of things we had to consider before we purchased this sofa bed.  Being one of the largest items in the van, it also plays a significant role in determining how everything else will be laid out.  And while we don’t have a set-in-stone floor plan, we do know we have to make room for some other big items, like a fridge, batteries, and a sink.  Even though it is large, we wanted it to be as small as possible.  This meant sleeping East/West instead of North/South since we wanted to minimize the number of foldout sections.  Luckily, the Chevy Express is about 6 feet wide, and we’re both shorter than 6 feet.  It is a little tight, but we’re both quite comfortable being slightly curled up side-sleepers.  We’re also very used to sleeping on 20″ wide backpacking sleeping pads, so it didn’t have to be very wide.

Sofa bed up, front

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Insulating The Van Part 4 – Cargo Area Floor

Continuing with the insulation of our van, which apparently has turned into a multi-part series, we are finishing the floor.  You may recall from a previous post the details of how we were insulating the floor, and may also recall that we only installed two of the three sections of foam/plywood.  The main reason we didn’t complete the floor all at once is because we ran out of foam.  The foam we’re using only comes in 9 foot by 4 foot sections.  It’s really a pain since we only needed a 2 foot by 5 foot piece.  Maybe we’ll find something to do with the extra foam later, but for now, it seems like a big waste.  Anyway, it’s now finished.

Floor not finished

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