Month: May 2014

Insulating The Van Part 1 – Cargo Area Roadkill Sound Dampener

As previously discussed, the first “ply” of our insulation sandwich is Roadkill Sound Dampener.  I hope I never have to install this stuff again!  While it is not difficult to work with, it is tiring and time consuming…I’ll just leave it at that.


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The Plan for Insulating Our Van


Insulation.  A necessary evil.  On one hand, insulation is wonderful for keeping in the warmth in the winter, and keeping out the hot in the summer.  On the other hand, insulation is such a pain to deal with.  Why?  Mostly because of the numerous options and types of insulation, and installation schemes.  It is possible to spend days or weeks researching how best to insulate, and then how to best secure it to the walls, floor, and ceiling.  I’ve seen vans and RVs insulated with hard foam board, expanding spray foam, fiberglass batting, reflectix, bubble-wrap, blankets, denim batting, and even nothing at all.  Every option has it’s benefits as well as it’s pit falls.  The truth is, none of these are perfect and you’ll just have to decide how to insulate based on your expected uses of the van.  You also have to keep in mind how thick or thin you want the walls to be.  The walls can quickly become multiple inches thick, eating into the already limited space in a van.

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